Breakthrough Productions
New York: 711-3 Koehler Avenue, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
North Carolina: Mooresville, NC 28115
"We'll figure it out!"

Breakthrough is a full service experiential fabrication and production company offering services that can bring your project from an idea to reality.  The Breakthrough experience lets you stick to one single company rather than jumping to a bunch of different vendors to organize your project.  We'll work with you every step of the way.


Whether it's fabricating a small kiosk or a multi stadium tour, the Breakthrough team dedicates the proper resources to your project to ensure an on-time and on-budget success.  Our experienced team has executed projects for some of the biggest brands in the country, and we would love to welcome you to our family.  With the latest in advanced design software and a shop full of state-of-the-art equipment and craftsmen, Breakthrough is here to bring your project to life.



We work in multiple capacities depending on our clients needs, as each agency, production company, and brand is different.  Some clients deliver a set of plans and want it built exactly to a specific set of standards and plans, other clients provide us napkin sketches and have us take it from there (its true, we still have the napkin in their file).  So our level of involvement can be as hands on or off from a creative standpoint as the project/client needs.   What we have learned works the best for the project as a whole is to involve our team as early in the process as possible to help provide insight into the different methods of build, materials available, and how all the moving parts and pieces work with the timeline and budget of the project.  Projects where we are involved early also makes things smoother for everyone involved as we can help build a fully thought out budget (time and money) and we balance form and function with the ability to maximize the end result.  A collaborative approach where everyone is working together only ensures the project goes off without a hitch.