Breakthrough Productions
New York: 711-3 Koehler Avenue, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
North Carolina: Mooresville, NC 28115
  • Logistics

  • Tech Integration

  • A/V & Lighting

  • Props and Decor

  • Storage

Getting it built isn't where our involvement stops.  Where we can just hand over the project to a tour manager of your choice, We support the execution of the events with labor, trucking, and all the elements required to get you from start to finish. 

Proper crating and packing care is taken to ensure your items can transport from location to location ensuring your investment is protected for years of use!

We have engineers who we work closely with who can supply engineering stamped documents, as well as AV companies who know how we work and can integrate seamlessly into the process, saving you nothing but time so you can spend your time focusing on all the client facing aspects.  

After the project is done while it waits for the next use we can provide storage solutions in one of our two warehouses.