With Stay at home orders forcing more people to broadcast and host more of their meetings from home, the need for a professional and on-brand spaces is CRITICAL

at HOME - in the OFFICE - on STAGE

Do you need to get your message out to your audience, but don't have a space setup to promote a professional appearance? Breakthrough takes your brand and builds out an environment that will support your brand, looks professional, and is able to be setup ANYWHERE.  We have mini studios for rooms as small as 8x8, as well as spaces designed to fit entire stadiums.

Breakthrough has been serving brands like Heineken, Jack Daniel's, Anheuser-Busch, etc... for YEARS from small bars to multi-stadium tours. Breakthrough is prepared to support your brand by providing studio environments to project the professionalism your brand needs to dominate the marketplace!  


Perfectly Planned

Trust Breakthrough Productions to take care of all your studio details —when it comes to a branded environment, we’ll assist you every step of the way.  We can provide DIY solutions, so that you can set everything up, or have a member of our team come onsite to assist.  Our Resource Guides will give you tons of information on best practices when it comes to audio, lighting, and everything else our carpenters can't build!


Stunning and Memorable

The key to creating a successful studio environment is to have a creative partner who you can assist you from ideation to execution. Whether you’d like to start with a preliminary idea or a fully fleshed-out concept, we can help bring your vision to life and you can experience it all in 3D prior to spending any money on the build.


No Detail is Too Small

We care about curating your space so that it creates the best possible experience for everyone involved. We take care of all the small, technical details so that you can focus on having successful and impactful experiences with your guests and growing your lineup of content and interviews after the new setup arrives.

From props to decor, we handle it all so that your presentation are visually cohesive and impactful.



Set the scene for your brand


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